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Master Programs

The University of Health and Spiritual Sciences is proud to offer two comprehensive Master Degree Programs.

Certified Wellness Counselor Degree
Masters In Health Sciences
The C.W.C is a highly attuned individual, trained and certified as a health and wellness facilitator. This individual will operate in conjunction with the U.H.S.S. protocols as an Adjunct Assistant Minister of Health, under the supervision/mentorship of a member/or members of the counseling staff known as “Health Minister”

Certified Medical Yoga Practitioner
Requirements for successful completion of UHSS
The Certified Medical Yoga Practitioner (CMYP)

1. 10 core courses with passing grade of 70%.
2. Ongoing dialogue with designated mentor.
3. 2 research articles per course with 3-5 page analysis per article.
4. 100 hours of practical Yoga/Qi Gong training which includes the Yoga Self Defense (YSD) program , an introduction to yoga anatomy and an overview of major categories of health challenges.
5. Experiencing and describing in writing 8 modes of Complementary, Naturopathic -Spiritual or Integrative Medicine.

(A Masters program must be completed prior to enrolling in the Doctorate program)


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